Bury Ripoff Report

We get Ripoff Reports buried in the search results. Don't sign up for their extortion program. Our service is 100% guaranteed.

Delete Fake Reviews

We work to get bad, fake, and misleading reviews deleted from Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, YP, and Yelp.

Digital Marketing (SEO)

We rank you higher in Google, Yahoo & Bing for top keywords potential clients are searching for. If you don't rank, it's free.

Suppress Articles & Links

We get negative links such as BBB pages, blog posts, and news articles buried/pushed down in the search results.

DTopp is in no way affiliated with, part of, partnered with, or endorsed by BBB®, Facebook®, Google®, Ripoff Report®, TripAdvisor®, Trustpilot®, YP®, or Yelp®.

Said trademarks are only used to reference, identify, and describe this service. All trademarks are the sole property of their respective and rightful trademark holders or owners.

Why Choose DTopp

Customer Service

When you need us, we will be there for you. Before AND after the sale. You can reach us by phone, text, email, live chat, and social media from 8am to 8pm EST every day (including weekends & all holidays).

Detail Oriented

Here at DTopp, we understand that details matter. We focus on the smallest details to ensure nothing less than quality work/results. This is just one of our many competitive advantages.

Guaranteed Results

DTopp has been built on the foundation of results. Our clients choose us because of our results - not because they are locked into a contract. This is why we offer 100% guaranteed results or it's 100% free.


"After 9 days they had all the reviews deleted! I highly recommend DTopp and I wouldn't trust anyone else."
- Cindy
A competitor was posting fake reviews on Facebook and Google. DTopp had the negative reviews removed within a week.
- Aaron
David got us ranking on the first page of Google after just 49 days. Since then, our sales have been through the roof! I cannot thank you all enough!
- Nataly
I chose DTopp because of their 100% guarantee. They got the Ripoff Report on the second page in 2 weeks and completely buried in 50 days. I am impressed, to say the least.
- Roger

Trust the Experts

Don't hire an amateur... hire an expert.