DTopp is the leader in online reputation management and is exclusively for high-profile individuals & businesses. We have the power to make false, negative, or unwanted online content disappear – for good.

Fast, Silent & Confidential

Hiring DTopp is, factually, the least risky way to manage your online reputation. We work fast & no one will ever know that you hired us.

Safe, Legal & Guaranteed

The advanced methods we use are safe, legal & do not put you at any risk of reputational backfire. We are the leader for a reason.

When I was 19 years old, I was arrested for securities fraud. Based on the false media coverage I received, you would have thought I created a Ponzi scheme to scam old people out of their life savings – but that was not the case. The reality is: I was unaware I needed a special license to pay people back more than they loaned me. I simply accepted personal loans incorrectly (without a securities license). Nobody lost any money, except me.

After that misunderstood situation, I tried to start a web design business, but I was quickly attacked by fake reviews and news articles. No one would do business with me because they thought that I was a scammer. I knew that I had to make the lies disappear somehow. This is where I started to get my firsthand experience in reputation management. Since then, I’ve evolved into an internet superhero who fights off d*ckheads – daily.

I know what you are going through. I also know how to help.

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