My name is David Topping, and I am the founder of DTopp. Here is how DTopp got started:

I owned a business that imported tech items from overseas, like charging cables, and flipped them for a substantial profit. I was approached by someone that said if I would allow people to loan money to the company and would give them a % return on their money, she knew people that would be interested. With the added funds, the business would be able to purchase in larger volumes and would receive a lower price on purchases. So I agreed, and we started to offer a 6.24% return on loans. After raising just over $140,000, she took $10,000 and called the police saying I was pretending to be a licensed securities broker. They got a warrant and surrounded my office/house. At the age of 19, I was arrested for securities fraud >$100,000 due to not being properly licensed and had everything taken from me (cars, cash, inventory, computers, etc). In jail, I was given a court-appointed lawyer who told me I would get 80 years in prison because the court wanted to “set an example out of me.”

Over 70 news stations and blogs wrote false/extremely misleading articles about me saying I was a scammer and my entire business was a fraud. In their articles, they would use 20% fact and 80% lies – because the best lies contain a little truth.

After I got out of jail two weeks later (on a $250,000 bond) – I tried to start a web design business, but it was next to impossible due to the false articles. People were afraid to do business with me or would just get angry at me because they believed the articles. People would flood my business page with fake bad reviews calling me a scammer and would get news stations to write even more ridiculous and misleading articles about me. This is where I got my experience in getting reviews deleted and articles suppressed. So I started DTopp on a pay-for-performance model. I wouldn’t charge until after I got a review deleted or an article suppressed. Although I got scammed out of money many times by not making people pay upfront, this was the only way I could build trust. It’s funny how people called me the scammer, yet they would scam me out of money.

I have been able to suppress most of the misleading articles about me from the search results. Some remain as it is a work in progress due to the number of articles and my primary focus is on protecting our customer’s reputation. I pled guilty to a plea offer and made a cash payment from the hard work I had put into growing my business. I did not receive any jail time or any of my things back. Yes, I still get trolls and news stations saying bad things about me, but I can assure you, I do not care in the slightest. In fact, I actually love it because it is free publicity. I am a 23-year-old domain investor, Google Partner, felon, high school dropout, and billionaire in the making. I use my situation to motivate people who feel like they are being held down and cannot achieve success. I encourage others to go after their dreams and to stop making excuses – Twitter is my primary platform for this.
Love me or hate me, at least now you know me. 😘 

DTopp has been growing at a rapid pace, and although we now require payment upfront, we still offer guaranteed deletion/suppression or it’s free (plus we give you $10K).

When a business or an individual needs a fake/misleading review deleted or an article/link suppressed – they hire DTopp. We have been through it all and know exactly what it takes to get the content deleted/suppressed. People hire DTopp because we know what we are doing, get the job done, & offer guaranteed results.

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