DTopp is the #1 leader in high-profile online reputation management.
We have always offered a money-back guarantee, meaning if we are unable to fix your online reputation – you’d receive a full refund.

The media, trolls & other feeble-minded people attempt to discredit DTopp by falsely stating that we are a scam.
These liars also claim that DTopp does not refund any unsuccessful orders… which is false.

We don’t blame chronic liars for making up stories about us. We understand why they don’t like us.
Our job is the opposite of theirs: They create lies & misinformation. We make lies & misinformation disappear.
Liars appreciate DTopp as much as a roach appreciates an exterminator…

David Topping, the founder of DTopp, advertises the fact he is a felon and was arrested at 19 for improper licensing.
It’s no secret… the arrest is how David got his reputation management experience and it’s how DTopp got started.
Yet, these attention-seeking liars try to use this as a piece of evidence for their false claims against DTopp.

So… we are launching the 10K Guarantee to clear up any confusion:
If you hire DTopp and we are unable to fix your online reputation, you will get a full refund plus $10,000 cash.

We already know what the liars are going to say:
“It’s just part of the DTopp scam! DTopp won’t really give you a refund or the $10,000! Scam! OMG! David Topping! Fraud! Call the Police! FBI! CIA! Secret Service! OMG! Scammer on the loose! OMG!”

So… let’s cut through their unsubstantiated nonsense, lies, and misinformation…

Here is how the new DTopp 10K Guarantee works:

  1. Apply to hire DTopp on our home page (select the 10K Guarantee on step 2).
  2. After accepting your order, we will both enter into ESCROW.
    DTopp will deposit $10,000 into ESCROW & you will deposit your retainer into ESCROW at the same time.
    This way, ESCROW is a neutral third party holding both of our funds (your retainer & our $10K).
  3. If DTopp is successful with your order – we receive your ESCROW payment and your reputation is fixed!
  4. If DTopp is unsuccessful with your order – ESCROW will refund your entire retainer plus ESCROW will send you the $10,000 we deposited.

We created the 10K guarantee because we don’t have time for all the childish games the media & trolls enjoy.
Be warned: We are the best at what we do. There is less than a 1% chance we will be unsuccessful on your order.
If you want the absolute best in high-profile online reputation management – You found us.
Get a confidential quote now by clicking here.

Think DTopp is a scam?
If you honestly think DTopp is a scam… we invite you to call our bluff.
Hire DTopp using the 10K guarantee to make something random disappear from the internet.
If you are right – you’ll make $10,000 (Note: You are not right. We are not a scam.)

Adding the 10K guarantee to your order is optional and is not added by default.
If you add it to your order, a $500 fee is added to your initial retainer (which is refunded if we are unsuccessful).
Nonetheless, we guarantee all of our work. If we are unsuccessful – you receive a full refund.
Simple as that. We’re back to work…