WECT Can Not Be Trusted

Jan. 7, 2019 Video Update: https://youtu.be/9rWPxHl1m40

After reading WECT’s latest article about us, we were shocked at the number of defamatory, misleading, and false statements they made. The number of people who believed these statements is unsettling. Seeing as we are in the business of stopping the spread of false/misleading information, we would like to address these statements head on and bring the truth to light.

Michael Dippel

“Dippel found DTopp online and paid $1,500 to suppress two internet news stories. DTopp gave him a 90-day guarantee, but that window is up. Dippel says the stories are in the same place they’ve always been, and DTopp won’t refund his money.”

Due to confidentiality reasons, we don’t disclose client information. But, we are making an exception here.
Michael, an ex-correctional officer, hired DTopp to suppress two negative articles about him that WECT wrote (ironic). The articles were concerning his arrest where he allegedly attempted to enter a home and shot a man through the door.

He received a discounted rate of $1,500 and was allowed to make payments while our team got to work the same day. When the 90 day guarantee period was up, we had successfully suppressed one of the two WECT links for the keywords he signed up for (see here) (and here).

At this point, he had two options:
1) Extend the guarantee period so we could continue working on getting the second link suppressed.
2) Request a partial refund for the one unsuccessful link.
He requested the partial refund, which was approved & he was notified via email.

In the email, it reads “Please allow up to 10 business days for your check to arrive. If it has not arrived after 10 business days, please contact us immediately by simply replying to this email.” (see here)

The refund check (see here) was then printed, signed, and placed in a USPS Priority Mail envelope (see here). Michael was notified of the tracking number as well. At this point, his file was marked as completed, no further action was required on our part, and we never heard from Michael again.

Apparently, he did not receive the refund check. He could have followed the simple directions and emailed us back so we could swiftly handle the “issue” he was having. Instead, he decided he would lie about us to WECT in a pathetic attempt to scam us into giving him a $1,500 refund for his entire order as opposed to the partial refund he is entitled to. All this has done is drawn more attention to his articles which will bring them up in the search results. This seems a bit counter-productive…

Claiming the links were in the same place is false and saying DTopp won’t refund his money is false.
Once this was brought to our attention, a new refund check was issued and has been confirmed as delivered (see here).
Due to the willfully false statements given by Michael, we will be filing a suit for defamation.

Jacie Beechler Dykes

“Dykes says she quit after seven weeks when she had only received $100 of the money she was owed…”

After reviewing our records, we were able to confirm this is false. Jacie was not at DTopp for seven weeks.
Jacie received multiple payments via PayPal, which was well over the $100 claimed in this article. (see here) (and here…) (and here…..) (and here…….)

Jacie then sent a text message confirming she received full payment on November 21, 2016.

Jacie filed a complaint with the NC Department of Labor which was investigated and concluded as not substantiated on February 22, 2017.
This is public information WECT could have easily obtained if they were interested in the truth. (see here)

Claiming she worked for DTopp for seven weeks is false and claiming she only received $100 of the money she was owed is false.

“A lot of his clients did figure it out and I got some really horrible phone calls and emails and that’s what kind of triggered the, ‘What’s going on? What’s wrong? Things are not adding up,” Dykes said.

After contacting Google and obtaining a complete audit of Jacie’s company email from 2016, we went through every single email and confirmed this is false.

“His clients were mad, and basically said he was scamming them, taking their money and he wasn’t giving them the services that they paid for.”

In 2016, DTopp operated on a pay-for-performance model so clients wouldn’t pay until AFTER we were successful. Although a lot of people were ripping us off, this is the model we had to use in order to grow and prove we could do what we said we could do.

WECT is well aware of this fact as they even mentioned it in the previous article they wrote about us: “Originally, we did it as a pay for performance, where you won’t pay us until after we got deleted,” Topping said of his business model. “A lot of people [were] ripping us off. By us, I mean me. And they would point out, ‘Hey you’re a felon, so I’m not paying you,’ as if that’s a defense for not paying.”

Here is a document that was shared with Jacie on October 17, 2016 (see here) This is a snail mail template that was used advertise our services. Part of the template reads, “This is why we created the “pay for performance” model. This simply means you do not pay until AFTER we rank you in the search results. If you don’t rank, you don’t pay – seriously.” (see here)

The second page (back page when printed) of the template reads, “If we do not rank you higher in the search results, you do not pay. There are no fees or “we tried” charges. If you do not rank, you do not pay. No exceptions.” (see here)

Here is an ad for DTopp from October 27, 2016 (see here).

The claim DTopp was scamming, taking money, and not giving the services clients paid for is false (& impossible).
Due to the willfully false statements given by Jacie and her reckless breach of the legally binding non-disclosure agreement she signed (see here), we will be filing a suit for defamation and breach of contract.

NC Attorney General

When WECT wrote the first article about us in October, there were two complaints on file with the Attorney General’s office. Both were unsubstantiated.
WECT referred to this complaint as, “The BBB has one complaint on file against DTopp from someone demanding a refund and the Attorney General’s office received a similar complaint from someone else.” What WECT failed to mention is that the complaint, which they continue showing on the air, is actually from a client who claimed he did not sign up for our service but says he was receiving a bill in the mail (see here). It was later proven on August 2, 2018 that the client was lying and did indeed sign up over the phone – he just didn’t want to pay (see NCDOJ’s transcript of call).
WECT has misled the public to believe this is someone demanding a refund – which is false.

As of January 1, 2019, our client base has surpassed 1,400 with only 11 total complaints on file.
For every 1 complaint, we have 127 happy clients. This means less than 1% of our clients believe they have had a “less than perfect” experience.
In comparison, think about your phone carrier or internet provider. Have you ever had a “less than perfect” experience with them? Sure you have (OMG call the news).

Therefore, we find it astonishing how WECT chooses to focus only on the tiny number of complaints we have as opposed to all of our successes. By no means are we claiming to be perfect. We are a rapidly growing company and experience growing pains as many growing companies do. None of our happy clients are going to go on the news saying, for example: “My name is John Doe and I hired DTopp to suppress an article about my DUI arrest” as there would have been no point in them hiring us in the first place.
In fact, per Ann McAdam’s own words: “DTopp put us in touch with one customer who said he was very pleased with DTopp’s services, and Topping played us audio recordings of other customers who said the company’s success getting unflattering information suppressed allowed them to start looking for work again. Because of the nature of what DTopp does, minimizing unflattering online information about their clients, none of these customers were willing to be named in this story for fear it would highlight the past they were trying to hide.”

You should be able to trust the news. WECT has proved they can not be trusted.

In WECT’s first article about us in October of 2018, there was a North Carolina lawyer who hired us and then claimed we were a scam. WECT decided to come to our headquarters for the facts where they then realized the client lied about us and was trying to rip us off on the basis of our CEO being a felon, which is actually how we got our experience in reputation management. (read “How DTopp Got Started“)

Here is part of WECT’s article: “The customer stopped payment on his check, afraid DTopp might be a scam. Even though the customer admits to WECT DTopp did the work he hired them to do, he still feels uncomfortable doing business with them and refuses to pay.” (see here)
This was also part of their on-air story (see here)
In their latest article, they did not care about the facts. “Where News Comes First” is WECT’s slogan because they write articles as fast as they can without fact checking anything. This is the media. This is why DTopp exists.

WECT says “We will continue to keep you updated on what investigators decide to do with this case.” although they are well aware this is a civil issue and knew this fact before they even posted the article. It was determined to be a civil issue around 2pm. Their article was posted after 4pm.

Obviously, we are not expecting WECT to admit they lied to the public and to their viewers.
After calling them out (with this article) and presenting the facts, you would think they would have admitted they were wrong. In response, they pretended that they didn’t see the facts and decided to dig themselves into a deeper hole of lies with another false & misleading article.

Their willfully misleading and false statements have resulted in an increase of false complaints, loss of revenue, emotional distress to many members of our team, death threats, and many other consequences that could have been avoided if WECT had done their due diligence.

Due to the defamatory, misleading and false statements given by WECT – we are taking legal action and seeking all available damages and remedies.
There are many more lies told by WECT. Unfortunately, due to the pending lawsuit, we are unable to release the details at this time.

The following was pulled directly from the FCC’s website:
Broadcasters may not intentionally distort the news. The FCC states that “rigging or slanting the news is a most heinous act against the public interest.”

The future of DTopp is bright. We have huge plans for 2019 and will use this situation as rocket fuel to keep going.
Due to our business type and background story, we are often lied about by competitors, trolls, & the media.
You will never be admired without being criticized first.

Haters are our favorite.
We’ve built an empire with the bricks they’ve thrown at us. Keep on hating.