Yelp This! (Official Music Video)

We found this music video too funny not to share. Sadly, it is also a terrifyingly accurate description of a Yelper.
Created by Team Internet:


Verse one:
Saturday I was chillen with Jane
We were at the bar just watchin the game
Started getting hungry so I ordered some wangs
Couldn’t believe my eyes when they finally came
Hold up.. wait. Is this a joke ? Are you serious
Lemme see you chef is he blind or delirious
I wouldn’t eat this if you made it for free
So I ain’t paying for this garbage that you plated for me
I’m screaming hell no ! I ain’t messing wit this
Who told you to sub fries for my celery sticks
I’m about to call the manager and yell in hisface
I want a complimentary Meal and a hell of a steak
Open up yelp , I can’t eat this food.
The service too slow and the waitress was rude
And my order was wrong, man shut this place down before the end of this song

Step back, I’m bout to yelp this , you gon need a whole lotta help Cause you helpless. Boom! Now watch how we do, put you outta business wit just one review.


Verse two:
Pull up to the hotel. Tying to sleep
Vacay with my girl it’s a couples retreat
Bout to unpack and order something to eat
When I noticed there’s a juice stain under my feet
That’s nasty ! What kind of place is this
Little bottles half full and the drapes are ripped
Bell boy smellin like bacon chips
Walk straight to the front desk raisin phists
Yo desk clerk! I need a whole new room
I want a luxury suite with Orlando bloom
—um I’m sorry sir but we can’t really do that. I mean that’s a little.(interrupted.)
SHUT UP ! I want a family suite. Make up for my girl and a vanity please ! 7000 thread count I want insanity sheets.
I’m about to open yelp And let profanity free

Hook: x2

Third verse:

One star for my grammas house
Smells like old ppl sorry Grammy I’m out
One star for this lady’s hair
Lookin like you tryna start another family in there
one star for card from Dave
Get well soon real original DAVE!
One star for this make out sesh
Step back Beth get a hold of you’re breath
if you parking in my space Imma yelp that
If you gotta funny face I’mma yelp that
You gotta iPhone 4 imma yelp that
If your table manners poor imma yelp that
Open up yelp one star for this song. The beats hella wack and the lyrics are wrong
(I mean, I thought it was decent. We both wrote this song…)

Hook: x2