90 Day Guarantee
$1,499per articleSuppressed within 90 days or it's free!
We take action immediately.
Buried in the search results.
Real-time monitoring included.
If it resurfaces, we suppress again for free.
Guaranteed suppression or it’s free!
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Ongoing Monitoring
FREEFor a full 3 years!

Ongoing monitoring is included free of charge. This means if the news article resurfaces (or shows signs of resurfacing), we will suppress it again for free.

We have a 97% success rate burying/suppressing news articles.

I want it deleted - is that possible?
It is impossible to have a link deleted. Anyone that tells you otherwise is attempting to extort money or scam you. The best (and only) option is suppression.
How far will it be buried?
On average, we get it to the 3rd or 4th page of the search results in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Because our service is guaranteed, we aim to get it buried as far as possible.
What does "suppress" mean?
“Forcibly put an end to, prevent the development, or restrain.” In other words, we make it go away (bury/push it down).
What keywords will it be suppressed for?
We aim to suppress the news article for a wide range of keywords. We will first target keywords that are specific to the article (such as your name/business name).
What's the guarantee?
If we are unable to bury the news article by getting it off the first page of the search results within 90 days from full payment, it’s 100% free.
When is payment due?
If you select the “Bill Me” option when checking out, we get started immediately and will send you an invoice in the mail.