DTopp Reviews

We take privacy seriously so we do not release any names of our clients.
In our opinion, reviews do not hold any weight – but some people like them, so here you go…

“Deleted In 9 Days”

I didn’t think they could have them deleted but I decided to give them a shot. After 9 days, they had all of the negative reviews deleted. I highly recommend DTopp and I wouldn’t trust anyone else.

“7 of 9 Reviews Deleted”

Voicemail from one of our clients.
Update: 8 of 9 reviews were deleted.

“Over 200 Reviews Deleted”

A small business owner was attacked with over 200 fake reviews on Facebook. We had all 200+ deleted in less than 30 days. eClean Magazine covered the story.
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“Deleted In A Week”

My competitors were pretending to be customers of mine online. So I gave the reputation management team at DTopp a call and after hiring them, they had the fake reviews gone within one week!

“Reposted & Deleted Again”

I only had to wait about 3 weeks before all the fake reviews were deleted. One of the trolls reposted a review. DTopp deleted it again free of charge and it only took them one day! Thank you!

“Great Results”

We already know there is a chance you will think these reviews are fake (they’re not).
The only way you are really going to know what we are capable of doing is to sign up now.

*Audio testimonials are real reviews from our clients (recorded calls or voicemails)*

*Image testimonials are real reviews from our clients (emails or live chats)*

*Video testimonials are reenactments of real written reviews from our clients*