90 Day Guarantee
$150per reviewDeleted within 90 days or it's free!
We take action immediately.
Deleted – NOT pushed down.
Real-time monitoring included.
If reposted, we delete again for free.
Guaranteed deletion or it’s free!
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30 Day Guarantee
$400per reviewDeleted within 30 days or it's free!

Need a fake review deleted even quicker? When choosing our express service, multiple experts will be working to ensure deletion within 30 days (or it’s free)

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We have a 95% success rate getting fake YellowPages reviews deleted.

What is the guarantee?
If we are unable to have the fake, misleading, or unfair review(s) deleted within 90 days (or 30 days with our express service), it’s 100% free – seriously.
What if the review is reposted?
Our software scans your page 24/7/365 to ensure one of the deleted reviews are not reposted. If a review is re-posted, we swiftly delete it again – free of charge.
Will I receive updates?
Absolutely! You will be able to track the progress 24/7 in the “My Account” section of our website.
Is DTopp partnered with or part of YellowPages?
DTopp is in no way affiliated with, part of, partnered with, or endorsed by YellowPages® in any way. Said trademarks are only used to reference, identify, and describe this service.
When is payment due?
If you select the “Bill Me” option when checking out, we get started immediately and will send you an invoice in the mail. Payment is due within 14 days from your order date.
What's the average deletion time?
30 days or less, but some take longer than others to delete. Our express plan guarantees deletion within 30 days!