88% trust reviews as much as personal recommendations

False reviews negatively affect sales. Potential customers do not know the bad reviews are fake, so many end up believing them and choosing one of your competitors. Here at DTopp, we work to delete bad reviews and have a 90% success rate.

How We Do It

You're probably wondering how we are able to get fake and misleading reviews deleted. Although we cannot share specifics about our trade secrets - we can say that we know how to correctly present the facts to the review platforms' moderators.

Review moderators can be (and usually are) a pain to deal with. We do everything legally within our power to get the false reviews deleted. If that means hours of research, 15 cups of coffee, 200 emails, and 8 phone calls - we will do it.

If you have reported a fake review in the past and they said it wasn't against content guidelines - we still may be able to have it deleted. Client's hire us because we know what we are doing, waste no time, and offer guaranteed results.

Frequently Asked Questions


What can you delete?

We work to get fake reviews deleted that were posted on Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, Yellow Pages, and Yelp.


Can you delete real reviews?

No - we do not make any claims (and have never made any claims) to delete real reviews posted by real customers.


How quick will I see results?

On average, we are able to have the bad reviews deleted in just 1-2 weeks. Some reviews take longer than others.


What if the review is reposted?

If the review is ever reposted, we will have it deleted again swiftly at no cost to you. Yes, even if it's reposted a bazillion times.


I heard this isn't allowed.

We heard people aren't allowed to post fake reviews. Yet - here you are on our site, trying to get a fake review deleted...


What's the guarantee?

If we are unable to have the fake, misleading, or unfair review(s) deleted within 90 days, it's 100% free - seriously.


Don't take our word for it. Hear from a few of our happy customers.


If we are unable to delete the negative review within 90 days - it's free.

Delete Bad Reviews

$150 per review

  • We delete fake, misleading, and unfair reviews. Don't let a fake review harm your business and sales any longer.

The price goes to $199 per review starting on February 1, 2018 - so act now!