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Pay for Performance Review Deletions

1/17/19 Update: Although not yet 100% confirmed, we do believe that we will be switching to Escrow for all review delete & link suppression services starting February 1st. This will allow us to accept credit/debit/PayPal while earning trust with all new clients.

You asked for it… we listened!

DTopp has been deleting fake and misleading reviews for almost 3 years now. The main struggle we have faced is proving to potential clients that we can, in fact, get reviews deleted. This is because once we delete a review, our current clients do not want us showing everyone the review deleted for them… because that is counter-productive and there would be no use in them hiring us in the first place.

This is why we are introducing our pay-for-performance option on February 1st of this year. With this option, you will not have to pay anything until after the review has been deleted. Though, there are some conditions:

  • Only available to pre-approved/pre-screened businesses.
    An example of a pre-approved business would be one with a physical storefront that has been in business for at least X years. This is to stop trolls and unethical businesses from abusing this service.
  • The cost per deletion will be more expensive.
    Our normal deletion service is $150 per review. With the pay-for-performance option, the cost will rise to somewhere around $250 per review. Exact pricing will be released on February 1st and bulk pricing will be available.
  • Non-payment penalties will be more expensive & strict.
    Honestly, it’s sad we have to address this – but we are tired of being ripped off and then called the bad guys. Because of this, once we have a review deleted, you will have 5 days to submit payment. If payment is not received, a 20% weekly compounding late fee will apply.

More conditions may apply and will be announced on February 1st, 2019.

We are extremely excited to launch this new option and look forward to showing you why DTopp is the best option when it comes to getting fake/misleading reviews deleted.