The world is filled with average thinkers…

None of them will ever work at DTopp


Your job is finding companies that have become victims of BBB, Ripoff Report, & Yelp. Training provided. Must be able to type quickly & accurately.
Pays $15/hour plus bonuses based on performance.

Sales Agent

We are looking for the best sales agents who eat objections for breakfast. If you know who Grant Cardone is… we already like you. If you’re locked in a contract/non-compete… we will cover all legal fees so you can work with us.
Pays more than your current sales job.

Social Media

Work at our headquarters in Wilmington, NC. You would be managing our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts. On Twitter, sass is a requirement.
Pay is based on the quality of posts.

Video Production

Full production of promo videos, ads, and all other video content.
Pay is based on experience and quality of work.


Work at our headquarters or remotely from home. Your job is essentially writing sarcastic and sassy articles about how awful Elite Yelpers are.
Pay is based on experience and quality of work.