How DTopp Got Started

My name is David Topping, and I am the founder of DTopp. Here is how DTopp got started: I owned a business that imported tech items, like charging cables, from overseas and flipped them for a substantial profit. I was approached by someone that said if I would allow people to loan money to the company […]

Stop False Information

For some odd reason, it seems as if people enjoy spreading false information about anything. Many people believe the false information and it begins to spread like wildfire. Here are just a couple of examples of false information being spread. I broke this up into false vs fact. False: A news article was reposted and […]

Haters Are Your Biggest Fans.

Believe it or not, your haters are your biggest fans. A “hater” is defined as a negative or critical person. Many times you may find it difficult to deal with these people and end up spending too much of your own time arguing with them. STOP – you are wasting your precious time. I have […]