About DTopp

We are a modern and motivated agency located in Wilmington, North Carolina that launched in April of 2016. Our SEO team has a combined experience of over 70 years. We get bad fake & misleading reviews deleted from Amazon, Google, Glassdoor, Facebook, TripAdvisor, YellowPages, & Yelp. We also suppress articles/links like mugshots, news articles, and Ripoff Reports.

DTopp @DToppMarketing Hater: It’s impossible to remove a Yelp page from the search results. Us: Watch this... https://t.co/xOCEvWSHqD 2 hours ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing The reason so many fail with marketing, is that they underestimate the effort required to dominate their niche. (@GrantCardone) 2 days ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing We hired a moving company with a 5-star rating & 66 reviews on Google. They were late, dropped a large piece of fu… https://t.co/1UHw6fcO9A 3 days ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing Ripoff Report is not a reputable source for anything... at all. They say the following are a scam: Amazon, Apple,… https://t.co/KPsaueaOut 4 days ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing Sneak peak of our new headquarters we’ve been working on. 👀 https://t.co/vGX4SBviEr 5 days ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing 1-Star Review: “This dentist is awful. You should hire ABC dentist instead. ABC dentist is the best of the best. Ch… https://t.co/HMBv1hNbNz 7 days ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing Yes, it’s possible to remove a business from Google Maps. Some people say it’s impossible because it’s difficult -… https://t.co/A5kHgBlVB6 1 week ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing Client: “I’m not paying my invoice because I saw an article that says DTopp is a scam - https://t.co/Es5wvmIgWZ“ U… https://t.co/KX7NABm2DX 2 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing We hope @BBBCoastal likes our new sticker. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 If you’re ready to suppress your BBB page (AKA: Brainless Busine… https://t.co/VASPFsPani 2 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing Our headquarters is almost finished. 🤩 https://t.co/CRkF3WgSKZ 2 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing The hurricane is over and power/internet has been restored. 🎉 We are open again as of 8 AM this morning. Thank you for your patience! 3 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing Thank you @DukeEnergy for working to get our power restored! 🎉🤞🏻 https://t.co/XphHjmogWM 4 weeks ago

Company News

200+ Fake One-Star Reviews in 10 Minutes

DTopp was recently mentioned in eClean Magazine after we helped get over 200 fake reviews deleted from a small business …

New Merchandise Coming Soon!

We are launching our new product line on May 16th, 2018! If you hate fake reviews/news/yelp or if you could …

New Monitoring Center

We are proud to announce that we have opened another monitoring center. At a DTopp monitoring center, we have experts working …