About DTopp

We are a modern and motivated agency located in Wilmington, North Carolina that launched in April of 2016. Our SEO team has a combined experience of over 70 years. We get bad fake & misleading reviews deleted from Amazon, Google, Glassdoor, Facebook, TripAdvisor, YellowPages, & Yelp. We also suppress articles/links like mugshots, news articles, and Ripoff Reports.

DTopp @DToppLLC If you have received a bad misleading review, you could either waste hours/days complaining about it... or you coul… https://t.co/u77yoO8Wtb 14 hours ago
DTopp @DToppLLC As Abraham Lincoln said: “If it’s on the internet - it must be true.” 1 day ago
DTopp @DToppLLC This screenshot is absolutely everything you need to know about Ripoff Report... 🤣 #WhatIsWrongWithYou https://t.co/9NFdHD9zU6 4 days ago
DTopp @DToppLLC We received an email from BBB that reads, “As a BBB Accredited Business, you have agreed...” Yet, on the BBB page… https://t.co/x7MUfwkjmd 4 days ago
DTopp @DToppLLC A negative (& highly misleading) article written by The New York Times was on the first page of the search results… https://t.co/HBUh9kz3tL 2 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppLLC A client hired us last week because they knew the news was about to puke out a misleading article about their compa… https://t.co/dudZXO9GpK 3 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppLLC One of our cameras get the best videos once the bars close at 2am. 🙈🙊😂🤣 #ThatHurt #HangoverIsComing https://t.co/9JlYD07Vi6 3 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppLLC There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Bad press is better than no press. 📢 3 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppLLC We hope you have a great Thanksgiving and eat everything in sight! Just remember... Don’t feed the trolls! https://t.co/iHU0JmaQ3q 3 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppLLC This Thanksgiving... be thankful you’re not an “Elite Yelper” https://t.co/diTcPzlg5b 4 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppLLC Troll: “You know it’s impossible to delete a Yelp review... right?” Us: “You know you’re wrong...right?” https://t.co/FAcJZL7Dar 4 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppLLC You asked for it - we listened! We will be assigning dedicated account managers to all current & future clients be… https://t.co/UWUQ2mhr0S 6 weeks ago

Company News

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