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DTopp is a modern and motivated agency located in Wilmington, North Carolina that launched in April of 2016. Our SEO team has a combined experience of over 70 years. We get bad fake, misleading & unfair reviews deleted from Amazon, Google, Glassdoor, Facebook, TripAdvisor, YellowPages, & Yelp. Additionally, we suppress articles/links like mugshots, news articles, and Ripoff Reports.

DTopp @DToppMarketing A sneak peak into one of DTopp’s offices. https://t.co/3dbx8DSiJ9 5 days ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing What is DTopp? https://t.co/jGI4ZbKw4b 1 week ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing DTopp was recently mentioned in eClean Magazine after we helped get over 200 fake reviews deleted from a small busi… https://t.co/VfY7DwaKR0 2 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing Dear news stations... get your act together. Focus on facts, not clicks. #StopFakeNews https://t.co/JBAgb3YYvv 4 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing Client: “I’m tired of waiting! It’s been 3 whole DAYS since I signed up! I know it says within 90 days but I’m tire… https://t.co/LvHIw86p89 4 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing Actual conversation... Client: “I signed up a few weeks ago to get a fake review deleted and it was deleted.” Us:… https://t.co/5RM0bo3ivt 5 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing Someone just described DTopp as an “internet superhero fighting off d*ckheads” 😂 #SoundsAccurate 5 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing Enjoying the @NCAzaleaFest parade from the rooftop. 🎉 https://t.co/bVhRjVGY3e 5 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing When signing up for our review deletion service, we ask "Why should this review be deleted?" Please understand tha… https://t.co/hAr5TSWUfL 5 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing Someone at @Yelp headquarters visited our website 6 times yesterday for a combined total of 7 hours on the site.… https://t.co/S4kDlMlpdj 5 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing @Carrie45630 Yay! 🎉 We are so happy to hear that we are still well within your guarantee period! That means an exp… https://t.co/RdGvANPn6y 6 weeks ago
DTopp @DToppMarketing Reenactment of Yelp trying to be smooth while stalking us and pretending to be one of our customers. #GoodTryhttps://t.co/K3q3wyfvW7 6 weeks ago

Company Blog

200+ Fake One-Star Reviews in 10 Minutes

DTopp was recently mentioned in eClean Magazine after we helped get over 200 fake reviews deleted from a small business …

New Merchandise Coming Soon!

We are launching our new product line on May 16th, 2018! If you hate fake reviews/news/yelp or if you could …

New Monitoring Center

We are proud to announce that we have opened another monitoring center. At a DTopp monitoring center, we have experts working …